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Restumping is the process of jacking a house to remove existing deteriorated stumps and replacing them with a superior quality ones.

All houses are unique with different foundations and soil conditions and could therefore reveal their deterioration in diverse ways. If failed stumping is left untreated, the end result can be a partial or total collapse of the structure. Austump will be your best option providing you with a professional Restumping service.

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Knowing whether or not your home needs restumping or relevelling services is not always immediately obvious and can be stressful. These are some signs your home might be experiencing some foundation problems:

  • Soil movement
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Step sloping Floors
  • Wall cracks
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Moisture/water damage
  • And other issues with your floors or walls.

You might also be considering restumping in conjunction with raising, relocating, or sliding your home. Whether or not you need a partial or full restump will be evaluated by our experts who’ll give you the best approach to meet your goals.

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Stumps can be timber, steel (adjustable or galvanised), or concrete posts that sit under your house to support your foundation. Broken, cracked, or rotting stumps can cause your entire foundation to collapse. CALL US to evaluate the best option for your house.

timber Stumps

Our CCA treated timber stumps are a more traditional stumping option that can work in many soil and environmental conditions.

Steel Stumps

Restumping with steel brings advantages due to its durability and resistance. Steel is not affected by termites or rotting and with the galvanisation process it is unlikely to deteriorate due to rust.

Concrete Stumps

Concrete stumps are reinforced with internal steel rods and cast in a single mould. Being a non-flammable material, they are great choice for houses in bushfire areas.

Steel Beams & Posts

A steel beam is a structural steel product made to support heavy loads. We supply and install quality steel support beams and columns to suit the weight-bearing properties of your existing home or house renovations. We also offer steel bracing.
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SERVICE ON REQUEST :  Pre-Purchase Inspection | Dingo hire/ dig out | Steel fabrication and on-site welding | Baton installation | Engineering Services

Many Reasons to Choose Us

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Our Expertise

We have three generations of family business in restumping houses.

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Bespoke Approach

We understand that every client requires a different approach and solution.

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No Subcontractors

We employ permanent staff to ensure you are not held waiting on subcontractors.

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Your Peace Of Mind

We strive to make your project run smoothly from start to finish.

our process

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CALL US to get a FREE evaluation of your house.

We will come to your house to evaluate the existing condition of your house foundation and to understand your goals.

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Within 2 business days your will received a report and quote:

  • Diagnosis of the existing conditions
  • Recommendations
  • Alternative materials to use: timber, concrete or steel.
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Final Quote

We will discuss with you our report and quote to make sure you understand and are satisfied with our proposal.

We can make adjustments to our quote provided it will ensure a quality restumping service.

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project start

When project is awarded to us, we will arrange all the necessary internal processes, mobilise our team and stock the materials and equipment to start your project as soon as possible.

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project FINISH

Our team and our project manager will keep you informed about the progress. At the end of the project we will run a full inspection with you and send you a final report.

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our workmanship

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers think of us.

five star

Dave at Austump was exceptionally friendly and professional with great communication. We’d received advice from a competitor before and it stunk of underhanded sales tactics, didn’t get any of that from Austump they were knowledgeable and acted with integrity from quote to finish.

Had absolute confidence in Dave and his team, was very happy with the work completed, and was appreciative of the additional help in getting a dependency sorted.

Austump will be our first call if there’s any future work we need done in this space. Thanks guys! Jodie Y.

five star

Professional reliable and top quality work. Easy to communicate with and everything ran smoothly.. will definitely recommend

Allen McGee

five star

Cannot recommend these guys highly enough!!
So professional, neat, respectful and reliable. Stress free & competitive price!+

Thank you Dave, Kerry & the crew!
Almost want to buy another crooked house just to see them fix it with easy.

Happy Rain Forest


There's no rule of thumb when it comes to giving a straight-forward answer as all houses are different. But our evaluation process will leave you with a clear understanding of the costs for your project. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround quotations and clear action steps for your property to achieve your outcome.

In general, for SEQ council regions the answer is yes.  Our evaluation service will guide you through this process and align you with professional services in your area if required.

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround service and usually return written quotes within 2 days of the site visit.

Relevelling brings your home back to balance. During the process however some cracking can appear. This is mainly caused by renovations that have occurred after the house was built and if the house was not relevelled at the time of the renovations. Our evaluation process will give you a clear understanding of what to expect based upon your property and its history.

Austump employ permanent staff and contractors, a quality committed team that delivers the results your desire. We aim for a 2 week lead time window.